A New Release Destined to Become a Classic : As Bright as Heaven

Book Title: As Bright as Heaven Author: Susan Meissner Release Date: 6th February, 2018 Genre: Historical Fiction My Rating: 5/5 I feel I should start by thanking Berkley Pub (and many other publishers and authors for that matter) for being so patient with someone like me, who despite getting the advance copy several months ahead... Continue Reading →


A Murder Mystery in an Apocalyptic World

Book Title: The Gone World Author: Tom Sweterlitsch Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller My Rating: 4/5 Book Review: I don't remember the last time I read a decent science fiction novel. The last sci-fi book I read was The Sea Beast Takes a Lover by Michael Andreasen and it was a short story anthology. If you've read my... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Sea Beast Takes a Lover

Author: Michael Andreasen Release date: 27th February, 2018 Genre: Short story/science fiction/fantasy My rating: 3.5/5 I have been procrastinating for two weeks about writing this review. The title of the book is so intriguing. I was excited to read it when I received the review copy. I read the blurb and then couldn't manage the... Continue Reading →

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