My first Poirot mystery and other thoughts


Friday morning.  It finally rained last night, after a terrible stint of heatwave throughout the country. It didn’t just rain, it poured. Resulting in a beautiful cool morning that is perfect for the weekend and for sleeping in. As odd as it is that I’m calling friday the weekend and not “almost weekend” like the rest of the world, it is because I live in Bangladesh and not in the rest of the world. But what does a regular person do on a weekend? Watch a movie? Read a book? Netflix and chill? Go out with friends?

Well yes, a regular person would probably do all those things. But some of us, it means a little more time to finish all the lab reports, assignments and quiz preparations for the upcoming week and if done correctly, there’d be not a moment of peace. Which is why some of us choose not to do it. Not all of it at least. Some of us might just take a significant portion of the weekend and choose not to think about all the reports due and quizzes upcoming and just lie in bed with a good book instead. After all, it is the weekend. Thank the lord for that.

It is not easy. I mean it is easy to read but not always. It is easier if you’re studying literature or business or something like that. But for an engineer, it means constantly listening to people telling you that you can not afford the luxury of reading books. They’re probably right. But honestly, I’d go crazy if I didn’t. It is one of the two things that’s keeping me from losing my shit.

All other institutions in the country are on Puja vacation. But not us. You’d get why I’m frustrated if you knew where I go to school (university). We only got this weekend and this time, I’m spending it reading my first Agatha Christie novel. I know I’ll procrastinate at the last moment with all the things I should have done instead. I’ll delve into another world, trying to run away that sometimes I fail to do so. Ignoring the little voice at the back of my head for two days. The little voice that tells me all my fears and tries to feed on it like Pennywise.

Let’s see what “The Queen of Crime” has in her stock and how Monsieur Hercule Poirot holds up against Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-famous detective from Baker Street.



2 thoughts on “My first Poirot mystery and other thoughts

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